About NLWS


New Living Word School’s primary goal is to provide the following on a daily basis in order to pave the way for each student to maximize his/her full potential to become a well rounded student:
– Provide educational excellence
– Provide spiritual and physical development
– Provide mentorship
– Provide a Kingdom atmosphere conducive for learning

As such this document has been assembled as a reference-guide for the New Living Word School teachers, employees, students, parents and/or guardians, volunteers as well as any entity or individual, in order that this school may effectively and accurately put in place such principles and guidelines that this school may be governed and executed in excellence. All policies and procedures put in place are congruent with the BESE Bulletin 741 (Nonpublic).


The vision of New Living Word School is to reach academic, athletic and artistic excellence on a national level through following the uncut and uncompromised Word of God.


The mission of New Living Word School is to provide a foundation built on biblical principles that will create an atmosphere for scholastic advancement and spiritual development.


New Living Word School employees are encouraged to be actively involved in church activities at New Living Word. All New Living Word School employees enlisted in supervisory capacities are especially urged to become and remain active within New Living Word Ministries.